ASA Foundation & Nestle deliver food packages to Indonesian orphanages struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

5 June 2021

ASA Foundation and Nestle have been working together to deliver food packages to orphanages across West Java, Indonesia who are struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. ASA Foundation program coordinators have been delivering the packages to Al Kahfi, Sakinah, Ar-Rofi’i, Si Boncel, Budi Mulia Desa Putera, Asrama Kahfi II, Aisiyah, Markazul Lughoh, Mizan Amanah Jagakarsa and Benih Kebajikan Nusantara Al Hasyim.

We will soon include disadvantaged schools and communities across East Java through our long-term collaboration with Jawa Power & YTL in Paiton.

Many thanks to Nestle for all their help and support!