Peace & Tolerance

ASA Foundation programs nurture peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. Through partnerships with the U.S. Embassy, USAID, the FIFA Foundation, CRS, JRS, Save the Children and Search for Common Ground, ASA Foundation has worked extensively with religious groups across conflict zones such as Aceh, Central Sulawesi, Papua and Maluku (Indonesia), Kelantan and Sabah (Malaysia), Mindanao (Philippines) and the Deep South of Thailand to promote peace and tolerance that significantly reduces all forms of violence and related death rates.

ASA Foundation’s program methodology addresses and transforms peace and tolerance education through sustainable Training of Trainer (ToT) and Youth Development (YD) participatory learning workshops, digital online learning platforms, and inclusive Edu-Sports coaching development modules to vulnerable male and female youth together with young adult teacher and community member beneficiaries. ASA Foundation’s innovative and unique learning approach not only addresses the need for peace and tolerance education in schools and communities but also protects vulnerable youth from abuse, exploitation, trafficking and violence. Furthermore, ASA Foundation’s programs strengthen schools and communities, including through international cooperation, for building capacity at all levels to prevent violence and combat terrorism and crime.

Since 2009, ASA Foundation has been sending groups of talented male and female beneficiaries from Indonesia to the United States of America for the U.S. Embassy supported Sports Visitors and Mentoring programs. The inspiring programs involve a series of education workshops, training clinics, empowerment seminars with top lecturers, coaches and educators from universities and sports clubs.