UEFA Foundation for Children supported Inclusive Football-based Circular Economy, Health, Life Skills, and Gender Equality Education Development for Disabilities, Jakarta

26 February 2024

Thrilled to share that the UEFA Foundation for Children has joined hands with ASA Foundation to bring about positive change in Jakarta! Together, we're empowering children with disabilities through an innovative Inclusive Football program that integrates Circular Economy, Health, Life Skills, and Gender Equality education.

Over the weekend, we hosted a Training of Trainer workshop, equipping 30 dedicated male and female teachers from disabilities schools in Jakarta with the skills and knowledge to lead our activities within their schools on weekly basis. This initiative aims to ensure sustainable, long-term impact for these students, fostering their growth and development both on and off the field.

ASA Foundation will be providing continuous support through weekly mentoring, monitoring, and evaluation, ensuring that our efforts are making a meaningful difference in the lives of these children.

It's inspiring to see the power of collaboration in creating inclusive opportunities for all. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for Jakarta's youth. Let's continue to support and champion initiatives that promote equality and empowerment!