Health & Nutrition, Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation including Virus Prevention

All ASA Foundation education program activities promote health and well-being across all youth and adult ages that is essential for sustainable development. Our activities enable beneficiaries to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

By collaborating with partners such as the UN agencies, British Embassy, U.S. Embassy, Barça Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim, Combiphar, KONAMI, Mercy Corps, Nestle, RYTHM Foundation, Save the Children and Takeda, our sustainable program methodology aims to improve health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation awareness and education in disadvantaged urban and rural areas. Our project activities specifically address and transform healthy behaviour education through Training of Trainer (ToT) and Youth Development (YD) participatory learning workshops, digital online learning platforms and inclusive Edu-Sports coaching development modules.

ASA Foundation COVID-19 Prevention & Hygiene Awareness Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the critical importance of sanitation, hygiene and adequate access to clean water for preventing and containing diseases. Hand hygiene saves lives. Therefore, we have launched a virtual COVID-19 Prevention & Hygiene Awareness learning platform to urgently educate and empower vulnerable youth locked down in communities across Indonesia for the RYTHM Foundation supported Social Intervention project. We have currently educated and empowered close to 20,000 male and female youth across Indonesia as we continue to grow the platform across the country. 

Supported by local governments, we are also hoping to launch the virtual platform globally. Discussions with potential donors across South East Asia, and in countries such Brazil and India, who have been hit hard by the pandemic, are taking place.

We are currently exploring the opportunity of developing Sports-based Road Safety Awareness & Education projects for vulnerable male and female youth across Indonesia and Cambodia in 2021.