STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education can have a significant impact on transforming people and subsequently moving them out of poverty. People in developing countries are working to educate the next generation of their workforce in STEM area disciplines. There are many obstacles such as willing teachers, funding, and long-held traditions, however, youth massively benefit from these efforts and are gaining valuable experiences.

Supported by the Caterpillar Foundation, RBPN and Vestas, ASA Foundation programs promote strong STEM education skills that provide important opportunities for vulnerable youth and adults to ensure they become proficient in these areas that subsequently improves their future employability.

We transform STEM education through sustainable Training of Trainer (ToT) and Youth Development (YD) participatory learning workshops, digital learning platforms together with Edu-Sports training activities.

Our training programs nurture attitudes, self-confidence, knowledge and learning skills of STEM education, increase enrolment and interest in STEM-related courses, and improve perceptions and beliefs towards STEM careers. We improve 21st century life skills such as communication, teamwork, analytical and creative thinking, and promote gender equality by increasing female youth participation and engagement in STEM activities. Furthermore, we increase parental awareness and improve their understanding of the importance of STEM education for youth which reduces the number of school drop-outs and increases the number of youth reintegrating back into schools.